Who are the Podcast Pals?

Yeah! They’re so awesome. Who are they?

Podcast Pals was founded by Andrew, a Brit living in Switzerland, and Cecile, a Frenchwoman who menaces New Zealand. Disembodied Jen, a recluse, was the third writer to pitch in, and there have been several guest writers since.

Do you have something to say about podcasts? You can become a Podcast Pal, too! Get in touch using via the contact page – we’d love to hear from you.

More about Andrew

Andrew started listening to podcasts as a way of procrastinating instead of writing his book. It’s the heroic tale of a boy who doesn’t want to be a hero. Not that telling you the plot makes any sense – he’ll never get beyond the first-and-a-halfth draft.

He has many talents and many character flaws. See this post for more on that.

More about Cecile

Cecile is a Swiss/French journalist who lives in New Zealand. Her accent is a MESS. These days, she’s got more important things to do than write about podcasts. I’m sure she’ll be back writing for the site when things have calmed down. Which will be in about 18 years.

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Of course it doesn’t. Jesus.