The Best History Podcasts

My latest obsession is history podcasts. The greatest stories ever told, told well. What’s not to like? Here are some of the best ones. As always, tell me what I missed in the comments.

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Review: This is Rage

This is Rage is a new fictional podcast set in Silicon Valley. It revolves around the kidnapping of two tech SEOs, an event which revives the flagging career of a radio personality.

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Parenting Podcasts Saved My Sanity

When you have a baby, you do so many crazy things it’s easy to think you’ve actually gone insane.

Spending up to eight hours a day breastfeeding in the first few weeks, transitioning baby to his own room only to wake up every hour of the night to check if he’s still breathing, lying awake worrying about all the ways he could die or hurt himself, spending hours doing laps around the house with him in a carrier just so he will sleep… All this on about three hours of fragmented sleep per night.

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Interview: C64 Retro Podcast Host Rob O’Hara

Introduction – My First Love

In the early 90s I spent a minimum of four hours a day playing games like Paradroid (where you controlled an oval blob you had to imagine was a lethal robot), Rainbow Islands (you crushed the baddies by dancing on rainbows), and Theatre Europe (where you led either NATO or the Warsaw Pact and tried to win WW3 without destroying the world too much).

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The 7 Deadly Podcasting Sins, by Ran Levi

Ran Levi is the host and producer of the ‘Curious Minds Podcast’ – learn more about him at, hit him up at @ranlevi, or view this post in its orginal form on Medium (along with his other interesting articles about podcasting).

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